Thierry Weinberg

In recent years, the name Thierry Weinberg has been much linked Double V Council. The company is founded in an original setting and is highly sought after these days for cost killing. That is to say the search for savings in the business, integrating cost reduction, but also the search for optimization on the business operations. This technique savings within the company now covers all types of structure, large company employing many employees and outsourcing some of their work, to SMEs and ETI.
All operations have always been to optimize and offer a little more cash that can be invested in the company to ensure its increasing competence and, therefore, its development. This method appeals today for all companies, including large groups that are have now become regular customers to Double V Council; Groupe Casino, Sale Privé, Home, Adidas and UGC.

The principle, as recalled Thierry Weinberg, is the optimization of all expenses, whether external services, social or fiscal charges and also including the detection of subsidies which it is possible to claim. Such an approach is what professional structures do often lack time and sufficient knowledge to effectively optimize on their costs as well as operations.The company was founded by Thierry Weinberg and is now led by Pierre Dudan who also adopted a new concept for remuneration, based on its ability to optimize the expenses of the client company. Thierry Weinberg on his professional debut; made entry into an entirely different field, that of television writing, interpreting and performing humorous pellets first for France 2 and Canal + TV. Mr. Weinberg is ever exploring new business ventures to add to his already successful company. This year his plans are written with his friend Munz;a famous singer for Master GIMS!. Their goal is to develop a brand of headphones and sunglasses around the artist’s world.