Best Sub-Ohm Vape Tanks Of 2016


The easy availability of everything online has both simplified and complicated customers approach to purchase. While the customer can collect information on the product, equally good products of the similar kind make it difficult to decide upon the right choice of purchase. Here at we have reviewed the very best products available in the vaping industry. Our reviews and evaluations will help you decide upon the best choice and lead to the best vaping experience with our recommended products. In this review, we attempt to bring you the best sub ohm vape tanks that will provide you with the best flavor and expansive clouds.

Sub ohm vaping tanks are that part of the e-cigarette that has an atomizer coil with a resistance of less than one ohm. A mod fires the ohm resistance of the coil to vaporize the juice in the tank. The standard ohm runs from 0.5-ohm coil to 0.1 ohms. With sub ohm vaping tanks in place you won’t have to build your own coil to experience the flavor and optimal cloud. Using a box mod along with the sub ohm vaping tank will give an optimum vaping experience. Ideally, when using a high powered mod along with a low ohm coil, your best choice of batteries would be rechargeable 18650.

Sub ohm vaping tanks deliver a delicious, aromatic cloud of warmth and satisfaction. The tank has an atomizer with a larger wick and coil that accomplishes the delivery of intense flavor and smokeless cloud. Your vaping experience will depend on several other factors like stealth vaping, mouth to lung inhale, the amount of e-juice and portability. E-cigarettes produce a considerably large visible cloud and do not allow stealth smoking. Vaping isa only similar to smoking and not the same as smoking. If you just quit smoking, vaping may be a little dissatisfying in the airflow you are looking for. Sub ohm tanks have air flow control and you might prefer one without airflow. E-juices vary in nicotine content and flavor. You will have to experiment several brands and nicotine contents to arrive upon a satisfactory taste.

There is a wide range of e-cigarettes to choose from. There are those that are easily portable while there are those that will not fit into your pocket even though they may be compact.

SMOK TFV4 Mini is our latest reviewed sub ohm vaping tank. It lies in the price range of about $ 45 and provides a wattage range of S6 (30-100W) and CLP (30-90W). Its tank capacity is 3.5 ml. S6 has a 0.4-ohm coil while CLP2 has a 0.35-ohm coil. The wick material is made of cotton and the TF-RCA/RBA head has a pre-built Clapton installed with the extra wiring. It has a diameter of 22mm.

SMOK TFV4 was probably too large for your liking. They also introduced a miniature version whose size is as small as 2.5 mm in diameter that will easily go with the mod. The TFV4 Mini allows you to choose from a range of coils, and like the larger version has an RBA pre-Clapton installed a CLP 2 or Sextuplet (S6) coil that is replaceable and less expensive. This sub ohm vaping tank provides a steady e-liquid flow to the user’s satisfaction.

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