Importance Of Pre-Employment Background Check For Business


There are many options available for the employers to do background check on their prospective employees. It is a must to find out whether the past behavior of a candidate is good or not because after hiring that candidate his or her behavior will greatly influence your working environment. Many details provided in the resume are not true and it is hard to find out the false details on your own during the selection process. You must conduct the background check for the prospective candidate before hiring so that you can get the real facts about the employee and verify that the information shared by the employee is true.

In the pre employment check, you can get the employee details like education records, employment records, criminal records, credit rating records etc. For hiring an employee in Brampton you can do the police check in Brampton and apart from that visit the website where you can find the different types of pre-employment check offered by the company. The pre employment criminal background check is important to find the details like past employment dates, reason for leaving, salary drawn, job responsibilities, and rehire eligibility. Also checking the criminal record of an employee protects your business and employees in number of ways.

The criminal records also include whether an employee has indulged in past theft, drug possession, assault etc. You can also find out if the employee you have selected was involved in felony offenses like grand theft, trafficking in narcotics, serious assault etc. You can check your state records or national public records whether the prospective employee was convicted in child pornography, child abuse, sexual molestation and child rape. It is a must to do criminal check if you are selecting employee for day care facility, school or any other work dealing with children. It is highly risky in hiring an employee with unethical behavior since he or she may attack other employees or clients which ultimately affects your company’s reputation.

Some professions like doctors, lawyers, engineers should be expertise in their profession and should hold a valid degree. You can do the pre-employment check to ensure whether the license and degree mentioned in the resume is true and legitimate. You must need the social security number to do the pre-employment check in most of the cases.

You can also get the motor vehicle report of your prospective employee that provides you the details of traffic violations, restrictions and suspension if the job requires the vehicle license. You can do the drug test for your prospective employee since the consumption of drugs affects the performance of the employee. It results in absenteeism, less involvement in job, spending less time in training activities and it decreases your productivity. There are high chances that the other employees get affected by the employee who is drug addicted.

Many applicants provide false references in their resume. Like verifying the address, salary, employment details, the background check company also verifies the references mentioned by the candidate. You don’t need to spend too much time for the background check report. You can request for the background check of your prospective employee to the background check company and you can get the report in the same day.